The Simple FAQ's

The little studio... in the "Manilla" of nowhere.

Where is The Studio Located?

We are located downstairs, at the Manilla Public Library at 17025 Simcoe St N.; ideally located just south of the intersection of Hwy 7A & Simcoe St... in the village of Manilla (5 mins WEST, of the town of Oakwood). 

The Manilla Public Library is a darling little yellow house-- a historical building, operated solely with of the LOVE of its volunteers.

Parking is at the front - right-hand-side of the building (just follow suit).

The entrance to the STUDIO... is through the gate, at the right side of the building; and down the stairs. (Just follow the signs-- and look for the Buddhas!)

Student's may also enter through the front entrance, of the library --and, you'll proceed-- once you enter... towards the stairs, located at the back of the library (through the room on the right.) Either option has stairs going down to the studio space - it simply depends of WHICH set of stairs YOU choose to descend.

{*Note: Entering through the front doors (of the library) is preferred if/when arriving with kiddos; because, and-- as ALWAYS encouraged.... common sense plays a huuuge part of our everyday-- ESPECIALLY when ascending/descending any sort of stairs. Let's be smart and exercise due diligence... so we ALL can be safe! ***WATCH*** where you're going-- and ESPECIALLY when you're walking up & down the stairs.}

What Does It Offer?

Though small in size... and BIG in heart - the Manilla Public Library is a fully functional library that is OPEN Tuesday's & Saturday's.  With a FULLY functional kitchen, and an optimal (bright & airy) space... The Manilla Public Library has SO MUCH amazing potential; and a PERFECT location/opportunity for:

- Locally talented - artisans, entrepreneurs producers, providers & idea enthusiasts (etc..) to showcase their work, their ART & creative genius!

- "Mompreneurs" to offer/host workshops and private parties

- Stay-at-home parents (moms, dads and/or daycare providers, etc) to host weekly programs & playgroups - bookgroups & parent groups... for INSPIRED connection & conversation (over coffee!)

- Birthday parties & tea parties; from intimate gatherings, to small-party receptions.

- CLASSES for: tots, kiddos, teens & ADULTS! (*Some currently running-- and others... soon to come!)

{*Note: Aside from the current library hours, and the times our classes are running... access to the library is by appointment only. SO! If you have questions-- or, would like to see the space; and/or to aquire information on any of the above mentioned opportunities... you can reach out to myself, or the peeps at the Manilla Public Library, via the website @; OR visit (and "Like") their Fb Page @}

***If you have an inquiry OR an idea for a class - workshop, program, etc... SHARE IT! (Because you just never know... until you ask!) DON'T WAIT-- or limit yourself... by holding back or, second guessing an idea you have-- and/or would like to EXPLORE. Msg me, privately... with your creative ideas, song requests, great articles-- and questions... to anything not provided on the website. 

When/Where Are Classes Being Offered? And What Do I Need To Know Before I Arrive?

Classes are being offered at Manilla Public Library on the following day/times:

• Wednesday's @ 10 a.m & 6 p.m  

• Thursday morning's @ 10 a.m  

• Friday's @ 10 a.m & 6 p.m   

• Saturday mornings @ 10 a.m

***REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for all class offerings-- at least 2-hrs prior to the class; and regardless of what payment option/arrangement.

{Note: Registration is required for the purpose of recording participation/attendance, the improvement of class scheduling to inspire necessary changes - for the purpose of efficiency, growth, and expansion. As well it allows me to make/store notes pertaining to an individual student's: progress, challenges, pre-existing issues/ailments, special requirements, etc. This incl's your unique-- and AWESOME... strengths and abilities!}

How Much Are Classes? How do I Register?

Sign-up & registration - for all offerings, is completed via, the website (*found on our homepage.)  Registration can be done - at one time, for any # of classes... you choose to attend.

THE COST for the pay-per-class option is $20/person per a single class; or $109-139 for 8-12 class commitment (preferred). 

{*Note: Don't be discouraged by the cost-- as there are less-expensive alternative classes, around town... in which you will find. Seeing as a true practice, requires ones commitment... it is your commitment that I require. There are many benefits to making that commitment; and, although it may seem expensive... there are alternative payment options (and acceptable ways) to exchange... your energy, for your practice. Inquire within.}

Are Classes Suitable For Beginners/Advanced Participants? How Many People Are Usually In A Class?

All of our INSPIRED class offerings are suitable for participants in all areas/levels of FUN & FITNESS, (yoga/dance/fitness instruction) practice, experience, and/or teaching; BOTH students, and/or teachers-- whether you're NEW to the mat, to teaching and/or to living happier & healthier lifestyle-- and/or are well-practiced, in ALL of the above!

Class sizes are relatively small, and much more intimate-- because fewer is BETTER; which allows for more personalized, hands-on teachings. Therefire, lasses will only include as many as 6-8 participants.(whereas an event or workshop may be more.)

{Note: As the schedule begins to take shape-- and class participation grows... there will be days when a student will have the benefit of a one-on-one practice (with me!) and for no additional cost.}

***Stay tuned to The ORIGINAL Inspired Movement Fb Page at for the info... as it becomes available-- BUT! If you're like me and are chomping at the BIT to know MORE... inquire within.  

***Be patient as NEW classes are added; but, you can't find something-- fuhgetaboutit! Just come to a class and I can walk/talk you through whatever it is you .

What Do I Need To Bring?

All you need is YOU... and a mat if you have one-- but, don't sweat it! I have extras! 

COME AS YOU ARE... perfect hair, make-up & stylin' yoga attire... is not a requirement.

{*Note: Props - blankets, blocks, bolsters, etc.. are optional. If you choose to bring/use your own props... you're welcome to store them, in the space... if you'll be practicing regularly.}