With a Deep Bow of GRATITUDE... The Testimonials!

 Last night was so refreshing and empowering to connect with women of all different ages and personalities! It was such a wonderful experience to be able to cheer each other on and it is definitely a huge confidence builder. Like others have mentioned, having this as a monthly class would truly benefit my yoga practice as well as all aspects of my life. Thank you Corianna for everything, especially creating a safe space for women to embrace and explore their femininity. I look forward to the next one!'

Nicole, Ajax 


'Thank you Corianna, this is what makes LT so great and you so special, the events that connect like minded people together. I will definitely be there and hope to bring out some friends, they just have to meet you.'  Nora, Ajax  

'Looking for another fantastic evening with the fabulous Corianna!'

Michelle, Ajax 

' That was such a lovely experience, just being comfortable with no judgment. ' Patricia, Ajax

'I cannot wait to attend a Shatki class taught by [Corianna]... ' Amy, Sunderland 

'We had such an amazing time! Corianna is a strong teacher who creates a beautiful space for you to feel empowered in all of her classes! She gave so many options for movement to bring out the feminine power (and we totally brought it) and always has a kick ass playlist that leaves you wanting more!!! Let’s do it again!'  Maralee, Woodville

' I absolutely, very highly recommend joining in on this!! If you haven’t been to one of Corianna Dollin’s yoga classes yet YOU are MISSING OUT! Amazing group of non-judgmental women... more than just your typical yoga class!! Namaste' Heather, Cannington

" As a health care professional, working with people with pain and injury on a daily basis, I truly appreciate Corianna's approach to yoga. Her experience and knowledge of body mechanics, is expressed with every movement, and she teaches you to always listen to your body. Her passion shows through, and she truly cares about inspiring her students to move in a way that makes you feel good, inside and out. I am so glad I have found her classes as my weekly 'retreat'."  Sarah T.