P.Y.C: Pilates. Yoga. Calisthenics.

What Is P.Y.C.?

P.Y.C. is simply an acronym for the 3 methodologies: Pilates. Yoga. Calisthenics.

Pilates: Isolation of individual muscles/muscle groups. Named after its inventor, Joseph Pilates - Pilates was initially a method known as  "Contrology"; a system of exercises developed to strengthen the mind and sculpt, the body. The Pilates method abided its core principles: concentration/focus, control, flow, the precision of movement; paired with a breathing technique, known as... posterior lateral breathing.

Yoga: Integration of the layers (sheaths, or koshas) of the body: Physical–body (Annamaya); Energy/breath–body (Pranamaya);
Mindful/emotional–body (Manamaya); Wisdom–body (Vijnanamaya); and Bliss–body (Anandamaya)... and the Self... as a whole (Atman).

Calisthenics: a form of exercise that Sculpts & tones, to achieve physical fitness through the grace of movement; utilizing sustainable, functional, muscular– strength, and growth; and a variety of gross motor movements—performed rhythmically... with bodyweight exercises. 

What Does The Practice Involve? Is It Suitable For Everyone?

This is an inspired STRONG yoga practice; that speaks to the breath, for guidence, vitality & sustainability.

The practice includes standing, balancing & twisting; new, and traditional methods.. of flowing in sequence; and, when transitioning... from pose to pose.

The practice adheres to the basic elements of "building a foundation"-- imperative, to a traditional standing practice-- HOWEVER, abiding by any singular - law, or lineage - is neither expected, nor encouraged; where the FREEDOM of movement is.

The practice, in addition to the above  mentioned factors-- is absolute, on a few other... very important factors: 





The practice is skillfully designed to nourish, fuel & DEVELOP your body (as a whole); while maintaining the relationship, with the fundamental elements-- the BASICS... the ABC's of a yoga: awareness, breath & connection; through practice, patience principle.

Students will learn how 'breath brings movement' - with one breath, one movement transitioning: vinyasa. They will DISCOVER their own unique abilities, and strengths... by EXPLORING diverse movement; and their own unique angles & levels, depth & range.

They'll explore the movement of their spine while flowing, and transitioning-- freely, expressively & effortlessly, in sequence-- allowing the FREEDOM of expression & movement to fuel their practice.

The practice will feature hands-on, and verbal cueing; for the purpose of alignment, variation options & adjustments.

All inspired practices are suitable for those beginning their journey-- both students, and teachers. Those experienced, at ANY level of practice, experience, and teaching; and those NEW... to the mat. Individual's willing to "let go" of their ego - preexisting expectation, experience and ideas. Those who will trust their teacher - the practice, and... their Self. And those with a willingness to learn; whom are able to leave their excuses... at home!

' I'm a Woman. I bend but, I will not break. ' ~

Is There An Separate Cost/Time For This Practice?

The cost per any single class, without the benefit of commitment... is $20. However, prepaid multi-class, membership & pkg options are available.

Student's will learn the method of the P.Y.C. practice, and be invited to apply/explore/experience each method, throughout every INSPIRED yoga - fitness, strength & dance class. It is always the option of each student to integrate it whenever/however often... it serves Her throughout Her individual practice. The choice to utilize these methods... can change for each student - from day-to-day, practice-to-practice and from pose-to-pose. 

{*Note: See Investment Options for the multi-class, membership & alternative payment options & details!}