Teen TALKS | Teen TOPiCS!

Teen TALKS | Teen TOPiCS!

Real Teens.

Real People.

REAL Chats.

REAL Topics.

Some of the topics/discussions students will be encouraged to partake in (share their story, offer support and/or... just listen) will include (though we're not limited to):

- family, home & school

- friendships

- relationships

- "drama"

- social media - "What Is CONFIDENCE?" - food, eating habits & dieting (the good, the bad & the ugly!) - What we LOVE about OURSELF!

- What we wish we could change. - embarrassing moments (we all have them!)

- learning to LAUGH at yourself

- things you LOVE

- things you don't

- your thoughts/your dreams

- your fears

- (and...) the things you DON'T want to talk about

Let's talk-- REAL talk.

(*Please note: 'Teen Talks' WILL INCLUDE many elements (and exercises) INSPIRED in some of our current practices - at an AGE APPROPRIATE level-- INSPIRED by teens!)