Cost/Pkg Options | Preferred Method Of Monetary Exchange

Single Cost & Multi Package MIX N MATCH Options... and THE WORKS!

The individual COST to pay-per-play is $20.

✖ Prepaid classes

✔ Pay-per-play


✔ No Commitment

 ✖ Mix N Match

Multi-pkg MIX N MATCH Options

A) up to 8/visits = 109 (*$13.63/class)

B) up to 10/visits = $129 (*$12.90/class)

C) up to 12/visits = $139 (*$11.58/class)

D) up to 14/visits = $149 (*$10.64/class)

E) 16+ visits = $159 (*Equating to $9.93/class @ a min of 2-classes a week!)

✔ Prepaid

✖ Pay-per-play


✔ TWO month/60-day commitment

✔ Mix N Match


The COST per individual participation, in any Conscious Crusader Workshop is $25.

✖ Prepaid

✔ Pay-per-visit


NO Commitment!

$105 for five (5) Conscious Crusader Workshops @The Yoga Space:

✔ Prepaid

✖ Pay-per-visit


✔ 90-Day Commitment

Monthly Membership - Trial & Commitment

The ONE Membership Investment: $99/mo.

✔ Prepaid

✖ Pay-per-class


✔ ONE month/30-day commitment

INCLUDES... The WORKS! (aka. ANY Conscious Crusader Workshops @TheYogaSpace... within your 30-days!)

Preferred Method Of Monetary Exchange

As there's NO CASH REQUIRED in the space, at the time of a practice... email money transfers (EMT) is the preferred method of monetary exchange.

QUICK, easy & efficient! You can PREPAY for as many classes - as you choose at any time; and email your payment directly, to ***PASSWORD (if req'd): theyogaspace***

Energy Exchange & pay-what-you-can options are also available. (*Message me, privately at for conditions pertaining to this offer.)


Your registration AFFIRMS your interest-- and your payment CONFIRMS your attendance. This helps us to keep track of CONFIRMED attendance; as well it helps to maintain courtesy, for each other's time - with respect to the teacher and the student; as it greatly reduces the chance of NO SHOW attendance.

The purchase of a multi-class pkg or membership... can be made at any time.

Sign-up & Registration is required for all offerings - regardless of payment arrangement. This, to better track participation for the purpose of positive change - and growth.

Students are responsible for their own registration and participation, in the fulfillment of their membership and/or multi-class pkgs; and encouraged to utilize their Membership/Pkg as MUCH as possible... within 30-60 days of respective purchase.

***Refunds are NOT rewarded for routinely missed classes***

For questions & curiosities re this, or ANY ORIGINAL Inspired Movement offering-- INCLUDING those, interested in hosting a private Feminine-inspired Movement Event/party (i.e work/group function, your own Girl's Night Out - a Birthday or Bachelorette Party!) Please email me at - along with the details of your inquiry/idea/interest.

With gratitude,

Corianna ~

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