Single to Multi-class; Membership & Alternative Cost Options

Single Practice Cost

Pay-Per-Play: $20/class

✖ Prepaid classes

✔ Pay-per-class


✔ No Commitment

Sign-up & Registration

Multi-class Package & SAVING Options!

A) 8- class = 109 (*$13.63/class)

B) 10-classes = $129 (*$12.90/class)

C) 12-classes = $139 (*$11.58/class)

D) 14-classes = $149 (*$10.64/class)

E) 16+ classes = $159 (*which equates to $9.93/class at two classes per week-- or less, the more you !)

✔ Prepaid

✖ Pay-per-class


✔ TWO month/60-day commitment

Sign-up & Registration

ONE Month Membership Commitment

The ONE Membership Investment: $99/mo.

✔ Prepaid
✖ Pay-per-class
✔ ONE month/30-day commitment

Sign-up & Registration

Alternative Payment Options/Energy Exchange Opportunities

***Energy Exchange & "Pay-What-You-Can" options are available. 

***Cash accepted & EMT (preferred).

***Private/1:1 offerings, Workshops & Retreats are NOT included in THIS investment offer. 

***Memberships and ANY Multi-classs pkg is prepaid.... cash or EMT.

***The purchase of a membership can be done at any time.

***Registration per class is required (to better track your participation.

***Students are responsible for their own registration and participation, in the fulfillment of their membership and/oor multi-class pkgs; and therefore, are encouraged to utilize their Membership - as MUCH as possible... within 30-days of purchase.

***Refunds are NOT rewarded for missed classes; and/or non-committa intentions.

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