Beginning Yoga: A Practice For the Beginner's Mind

What is Beginning Yoga?

This is a true "beginner's" practice that speaks to the basics: the ABC's of yoga... Awareness. Breath. Connection. And the relationship to fundamental elements, and teachings: practice, patience and principle. 

A practice suitable for every individual... those beginning their journey - as a student or, teacher; those experienced, at ANY level of practice, or teaching; and those NEW... to the mat. 

THIS practice, is an equal opportunity to:

• BEGIN your journey

• FIND ease & comfort, on your mat; in your physical body - and, in your practice

• BUILD knowledge, understanding; 

• REFINE your skills

• RECONNECT with your practice

• SHARPEN your Awareness

• CONNECT with your Intuitive Self (your inner M.D, Guru... or, your true TEACHER)

• RELIEVE STRESS,  anxiety, fatigue

• IMPROVE body functions; flexibility, mobility & functional strength

• ALLEVIATE tension: head & muscle aches, and joint pain

• CULTIVATE Self-esteem


A practice for an inspired life! On, off-- and BEYOND... your mat!

What Does The Practice Involve? And What Will It Include?

This practice involves LOTS of repetition: holding, flowing and transitioning; which affords every student (both new, and experienced) the opportunity to be introduced/rediscover those more commonly practiced - seated, basic and [back-to-beginner] poses. With hold options that offer deep--beyond the SUPERFICIAL [muscle] tissue stretch... for a deliciously-saweet... INSPIRED Yoga experience.

A practice that serves, to support... sustainable growth, and function - for everyday mobility. Allowing every student, to EVOLVE at their own pace; and, as their body requires.

This practice will include: [mild, and mandatory] deep (tissue) stretches and basic/gentle/grounding/back-body (supported) poses.

In your own time... you'll gain the ability (and strength) to EXPLORE/incorporate more free-flowing possibilities into your practice. With this, you'll build the confidence (and strength) to move towards more upward, and downward [facing] poses. 

This practice is highly grounding - affording those practicing to maintain the comfort, of being on their mat; with the support, of the earth (floor) beneath them.

And therefore... there are little, to none [ref to standing postures] in THIS, inspired yoga practice.

' The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness. '

- Sakyong Mipham

Buddhist, Teacher

Is There An Separate Cost/Time For This Practice?

The cost per any single class, without the benefit of commitment... is $20. However, prepaid multi-class, membership & alternativpayments options are available.

Student's will always be encouraged to maintain a "beginners mind" throughout their journey... as well, their practice. Student's, too... will be invited to apply/explore/experience this mindset, often... throughout every INSPIRED yoga - fitness, strength & dance class; as it is a good place to return to reset, reconnect-- redirect our emotional body, and/or our breath-- before to returning to an (asana) practice. It is always the option of each student to utilize the beginners method whenever/however often... it serves Her throughout Her individual practice. Though it can change from day-to-day, practice-to-practice, and even from pose-to-pose... it is encouraged that we maintain th mindset.

{*Note: See Investment Options for the multi-class, membership & alternative payment options & details!}