We Are CONSCIOUS Crusaders.

Conscious CRUSADER Workshops

CONSCIOUS CRUSADER Workshops @TheYogaSpace are for soul-seekers... individuals who are READY to unearth, unveil & reveal the DIVINE LIGHT - within their true Self. Those who want to EMOTE: learn, grow & flourish. Individuals who want to become the BEST version of their Self - those, who no longer CHOOSE to live in a state of remote: absence, distance or despondency. 

As Conscious Crusaders we are for those who are choosing to COMMIT to POSITIVE CHANGE - in their life, as a whole: at work, home & play! Those who want to make DISCOVERIES & crazy-beautiful connections. Individuals who encourage others- and find enjoyment, for their self... in Self-expression; hands-on participation & SOULFUL experiences. Those, who want to make CONSCIOUS COMMITMENTS, while CREATIVELY manifesting POSITIVITY through positive affirmations: through Intention-setting, Desire-mapping & 20/20 Vision-boarding; Inspired Journalling & Conscious Body Art

Every Conscious Crusader Workshop requires the active participation of those interested; the individuals who consciously CHOOSE to be PROACTIVE, in the fight against the Winter Blues; aka Seasonal Depression; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Neurosis. 

It is for She, who IS the heroine... of Her own story.

Becoming more DELIBERATE in our actions is something many of us need to work on. Learning to LET GO of the emotional heaviness of the past - and sometimes, the present... all THE STUFF that weighs us down: social barriers and the limitations - we put on ourself; that say... I'm NOT good enough. For some, this is a vicious cycle; and an impossible game to win.

@CONSCIOUSCRUSADER workshops provide the tools YOU NEED to make the IMPOSSIBLE-- possible: at home, work & play! Giving you the REMINDERS you need... to keep your head IN THE GAME! Always affirming... #YouAreWORTHit

Creative-Legacy Journalling: What do you WANT others - your friends, family and your children... to know about YOU? What do you want to be remembered for?  What do you want to leave behind... What is YOUR legacy? 

Your Passions. Your Insight. Your Legacy.  Your words...Your Desires: A conscious commitment to what YOU leave behind.

Conscious Intention & Mindful Manifestation Workshop (ft. Body Art!)  Set your intention, REVEAL YOUR WORD... as you make a CONSCIOUS commitment to MANIFEST your desire - with (temporary) BODY ART! 

2020 Visionboards... Your Dreams. Your Goals. Your Future. Your VISION... YOUR YEAR! Come & onboard YOUR DESIRES... on a vision-board that you can SEE - to believe!

In Summary... @ConsciousCrusader Workshops are for those who are READY, to be CRUSADERS in their own lives. Individuals who CRAVE hands-on participation and POSITIVE involvement - in the EXTRAORDINARY; and something uplifting, to keep busy - throughout the fall/winter. It is for those seeking a SOULFUL experience and crazy-beautiful CONNECTION(s);  and individuals, who will CHOOSE to make the CONSCIOUS EFFORT & COMMITMENT... to their Self; while becoming a consciously-creative CONTRIBUTOR, in our CONSCIOUS CRUSADER Workshops @TheYogaSpace.

The divine light in me sees the extraordinary light in you... namaste.