I Am Corianna. I Am Woman. What's YOUR Superpower?

Introducing ME!

I am Corianna.

Educator • Mentor • Facilitator

Writer • Blogger • Idea Enthusiast • Entrepreneur

Truth Talker • Realist • Unfiltered Speaker

Light Worker • Divine Rhythm Motivator

Cheerleader of Women

Advocate of the Feminine

Self Explorer


I am Corianna. A Woman --FEARLESS... mother, daughter, sister, friend; wife, and grandmother.   I'm an educator.  A mentor. And divine rhythm motivator. A devout teacher and Yogini; Creator, Of 'The Original INSPIRED Movement'. 

I'm a creative thinker, and an optimist. A realist and unfiltered speaker. An idea enthusiast and, a visionary - INSPIRED by creatively innovative ideas that make an effective, and sustainable difference...

in the lives of my students, and the people of my community.


About life -- teaching, relationships... and making a connection. I am influenced by music... and inspired by People. 

I believe the most SPECTACULAR thing about being a woman is our STRENGTH. We have an incredible ability to maintain, multi-task & manipulate… with our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

We encompass the whole package.

We come in all shapes & sizes. Our bodies are REMARKABLE. 


And I am especially PROUD, to be a WOMAN!

What I've learned on this journey- and through my many hours, of teachings - 

Offerings, such as: Intensives, Classes, Workshops... Events and Teacher Training's... is knowledge, and know-how, and the tools; to help the members, of my Community


Love & Light,


To My Daughter...

I am Corianna. Mother, daughter, sister, friend.

And The Daughters...

Of EVERY Woman!

' I want YOU, to 

LOOK at yourself, in the mirror - 

WITHOUT judgement, without RIDICULE...

And say that You TRULY like

Who You see. '

{How we SEE our Self, on the OUTSIDE -

Reflects how we FEEL about our Self.... on the INSIDE.

So, if we learnt to like WHO we see...

We will have learnt to like who we ARE...

The Woman we've become

And the creature that WE are. '

' So, in time She'll learn to LOVE Herself --


And  speak the words... "I'm BEAUTIFUL!"

And unto Herself

Be seen. '

Corianna ~ 

{Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend... Grandmother}

I AM. You ARE. WE Are... I Am WOMAN.

I am. You are. We are... Women. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friend's.

We Are Women...

RADIANT Beings & EXTRAORDINARY Individuals; Wild Women, Kindred Spirits & SOUL Sisters;

Princess & Priestesses; Goddesses & Queens...

THIS Is Our Tribe.

We are a Community of Yogawomen... Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends; 

Grandmothers, and Great-grandmothers; Educators, Mentors & Caregivers... Healers & Providers.

We CELEBRATE everything, in KIND... to Mind-Body & Spirit; and the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT... in Yoga & DANCE!

Its a Community - a place you can BE; a place to LAUGH & CONNECT; Practice & GROW...

Be Authentic-- CREATIVE; Ignite your PASSION-- Desires; and WHATEVER sets Your SOUL on FIRE

It's a place to HEAL, find COMFORT, and learn to "Let go"

A sacred space, come to - Reset, Reconnect, Restore - and to BREATHE.

***Join Us For An Evening Of SOULFUL Feminine Energy on Saturday, April 6th at 6 p.m***

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