Savvy Ideas For Your NEXT Savvy Function


Private, Public, Professional | Entertainment Event, Party Or Function


***A Holiday Celebration?

***Girl's Night Out!

***Ladies Night In!

***Birthday Parties

***Bachelorette Parties

***Insert [YOUR THEME] Here***

Breath Work & Meditation

***Meditation & Margaritas

***YOGASCAPES: Destination: Relaxation

***Breathing Space: Mindful Meditation/Yoga Nidra

Ladies NIGHT Out!

***Yogascapes: Meditation & Margaritas

***INSPIRED Yoga: Vino & Vinyasa

***INSPIRED Steps: Walking With Purpose & Building CONFIDENCE... One Step At A Time

***Feminine INSPIRED Movement & Dance: BURLESQUE

***The PLAYFUL Self: Inspired Erotica... EXPLORING Feminine Movement


***Power ROCK Yoga (Power. Strength. Tunes.)

***RAGE Yoga (for anger management | dealing with deep-seeded, emotional issues: stress, anger, hurt.)

***Yoga for GENERATION X'ers {Complete with most "FAR OUT!" tunes! 🎶}

' You're only limited by the limit, of your own imagination. ' ~

What is the Cost For These Options?

***With respect to details pertaining to: an events location, duration/time, the number of participants, etc; the  individual cost for an event, will vary.

***The base cost for a event is $150. 

***The total cost will be dependant on the specifications &  details, pertaining to the event you choose/design.

***The prepaid cost of ANY event is my fee, and IS NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE; in the event the "payor" collects/charges a fee to those whom attend/participate the event.

***Please note: There is a 90-min minimum time/duration... for these offerings.

' You're only limited by the limit, of your own imagination. ' ~