Inspired Yoga & Feminine Empowerment Practices:

Personal Growth & Development

Inspired Creativity

Confidence Building

Feminine Movement

Community & Connection

Holistic Well-being

My Mission

My Duty. My Dharma.

' My Mission is to inspire EVERY Woman
To find Her passion, truth & divine purpose;
Through positivity, encouragement & growth.

To BE exceptional. To be a leader.

To lead-- with CONFIDENCE. To live... with purpose.

And to live Her LIFE... inspired. '  ~

I am Corianna

Divine Rhythm Motivator

Speaker Of The Feminine

Teacher & Coach

' Speaker of the Feminine '

' Speaker of the Feminine '

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A Message, to your DIVINE feminine Self, with Love

' Everything you seek... is within you, to find. ' ~


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What We Offer

Non-Medicinal Remedies...


Ayurvedic practices, classes, workshops, (Daytime) RETREATS, & more.

For Wellness...


From personal healing, to HAPPINESS; personal growth, and Self care... to the simple nourishment & development... of the Mind, Body, SOUL & Spirit. 

Earthing/Forest Bathing

York Regional Forest - Forest Bathing

Mindful Walks & Meditation. 

'Breathe it in. ' ~

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