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Phase Yoga Corp.

Phase Yoga Studio, Port Perry

Phase Yoga isn’t just a yoga studio; it is a concept to remind you that wherever you are in your life right now is exactly where you need to be. Everything is moving as it should and all you need to do is sit back and watch. Look up at the stars and the moon and watch how they change, just as beautiful from one night to the next. Phase is where you can come to experience and witness these changes in yourself and in the world around you. Where you can tap into your highest self, even if just for a moment, and see what They have to offer you.

Phase was my vision to create a space where I could be purely me, and where others could purely be themselves.

This space was created as just that. A space for all of us to just be. A space to come to when you need a moment to reconnect in the midst of this crazy thing that we call life. The space is not solely mine. I do not own it. How can one own anything? This space is my place to connect with myself and each of the beautiful souls that walk through its doors. This space is also each of those souls’ place to see something in themselves that they have been ignoring for too long. Our souls call to us and it is about time that we listen.

Emma Dafoe

Phase Yoga Corp.



Feminine Inspired Movement

Feminine Inspired Movement & Inspired Steps: Walking With Purpose & Poise Intensive-Practices & Postural Alignment Programs are in asscociation with The ORIGINAL Inspired Movement/TheORIGINALInspiredMovement.com.

Each feminine-inspired movement & dance offering is originally-designed and created by Corianna: Educator-mentor & Facilitator of The ORIGINAL Inspired Movement/TheORIGINALInspiredMovement.com & Feminine Inspired Movement Practices.

Schedule Of Events & Offerings @PhaseYogaStudio

Phase Yogas schedule, incls: Kundalini, Gentle Yoga & Hatha Flow - Classes & Workshops... currently being offered @PhaseYogaStudio, in Port Perry. As well youll find Feminine Inspired Movement Intensive-practices & Events... brought to you by The ORIGINAL Inspired Movement.

These offerings, incl: Inspired Steps: Walkiing With Purpose & Poise: A CORE Strengthening/Postural Alignment Program; Awakening Shakti, Burlesque & Inspirit Groove: Feminine-inspired MOVEMENT (& Dance) Events.

No upcoming events.